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While in Paris last time, Frédérique paid us a visit. Originally from Paris she currently lives in London where she works as a personal stylist for

When we asked her what she likes the most, she replied without hesitation: « fries, red wine, shoes and mayonnese ».

We have explored the universe of the Funky Fashionista… meet


– How you do you define your style?

Hmmm, I can not define my style, I wear it all really. I love minimalism but I also love the colors and mixing prints, it all depends on the mood of the day.

– Where and how you do your shopping?

I do a lot of shopping online, especially on the ASOS site. Otherwise, since I work on Oxford Street, I often turns into stores at noon. I rarely go shopping with a specific idea in mind, I always go with an open mind, I like to try new things and play with my style.

– Living in London, are you a fan of second hand &/or Vintage?

 I love second hand stores! But I’ve lost patience unfortunately! There are many of them in East London but there is still a lot of people and it becomes too expensive, just because it is fashionable.

– What are your favorite designers?

I’m obsessed with Tata Naka, Maria Katrantzou, Celine and Alexander McQueen (for men).

– How do you dress to go out?

I love the shirts! So simple but so class! I love men’s shirts so in general it is wide shirt + jeans + my heels and lipstick.

 – What is your favorite accessory?

I do not really wear accessories (rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc..) But I really like the colored pouches. That give a lot of sparkle to a simple style (shirt + jeans for example)

– What is your definition of style?

 Style, to me, is how someone can own a piece, as if it had been created for them

 – What is your first fashion memory ?

 When I was little, I loved to spend my Saturday afternoon to trying shoes and bags from my mother and catwalking in the hallway and picturing myself as a «  femme fatale » hahahahahah. I was much more fascinated by adult fashion as than girls of my age, I loved flipping through my big sisters magazines and mail order catalogs.

 – What are your essential basics ?

 Jeans! I have at least a dozen pairs! Skinny, boyfriend, mom, I can not do without! Then come the shirts and a nice pair of slippers (and pairs of socks of all colors!)

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– Who are your favorite African designers ?

Gloria Wavamunno, Boxing Kitten, Artsi Ifrach

– What are your shopping addresses in London ?

Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane, The East End Thirft Store, Zara, & Other Stories, Topshop, ASOS.

– What is your favorite designer of the moment?

My current crush is Loza Maleombho I religiously follow her on Instagram!

– If I say MoonLook, what will you say?

Great selection of designers more talented than the other



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