As part of our #MARKYOURFINGERPRINT Campaign, we have selected and shortlisted artists, designers & creatives who we believe are the epitome of African excellence and creativity on the continent. Get to know a little about the artist below:



DESIGNER: Adele Dejak

BRAND: Adele Dejak


Adèle Dejak started her eponymous brand in 2005 after moving to Nairobi, Kenya where she turned her attention to accessories design. Adèle found herself intrigued by the natural beauty of horn and begun to experiment with techniques of creating unique shapes and fashioned pieces.

Dejak, who is of Nigerian roots, creates handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional woman. Inspired by African shapes, textures and traditional techniques, the cutting-edge pieces sit perfectly between artefact and high fashion statement designs.

The brands collections focus on African-made fabrics, including Kuba cloth and kitenge (wax print); as well as using recycled materials including rice and cement sacks, brass, aluminium and glass. Using only the best materials, Adèle Dejak employs some of the most talented artisans in the East African region.

Visit Adele Dejak’s website here.

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