As part of our #MARKYOURFINGERPRINT Campaign, we have selected and shortlisted artists, designers & creatives who we believe are the epitome of African excellence and creativity on the continent. Get to know a little about the artist below:



ARTIST: Gael Froget


Gael Froget was born on the Island of Mauritius (Republic of Mauritius) and is an artist who considers his work a mix between pop art and primitivism. His art which delves into sarcasm, love for simplicity and dark humour, is a reflection of his true personality. The artist explores trends, paints and vandalises to create unique, grotesque and sarcastic artwork which clearly bare his identity.

The artist enjoys painting portraits (mainly feminine) as well as flowers and other doodles that are grotesque, disturbing, dark and sometimes naive with his work circling around themes such as relationships, plastic surgery and violence; the artist has absolutely no taboos. Recurrent elements in his art are blood, sadness, sex appeal, vibrant colours and a very raw finish which gives even more authenticity to his work.

Having been influenced by artists like Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso, Jean Michel Basquiat and the current generation of street artists, Gael uses a mix of acrylic, spray paint, collage, digital printing and other techniques that adds an urban touch to his artwork.

Helene, 2016
Gael Froget – Africa

Visit his website here.


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