Big Hair, Big Crowns And Spectacular Designs At Africa Fashion Week London

Evelyne Babin

Africa Fashion Week London: African Fashion Week when African designers in the diaspora and Africa came together to showcase the best of African fashion. Mary Martin, Sista By Eyoro, Bright Shadow, Evelyne Babin, Awa Kermel and Nedim Designs. These designers really went out with the big hair, bringing drama to the boys and I absolutely loved it. The popular trend in fashion is color, color and more color matched with dramatic and attention grabbing outfits and hats. Sista By Eyoro Kimonos with beautiful evening dresses, definitely my kind of style.

There is obviously a lot of work and effort that goes into making garments. Awa Kermel and Evelyne Babin really made a lot of fun with them, and they were very good at it. Evelyne Babin feminized the West African Agbada and added flowers, trees and other interesting creations and also the agbadas with lacey old school pants that were usually worn under the garments.

Kachi Blazers did to menswear what I would have done if I was a designer. The looks are very fresh and trendy, and they are usually better suited to you.

All photography by Joanna Mitroi


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