KILUBUKILA – Housse de coussin Maman Angélique


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Artwork on your sofa, the KUBA CUSHIONS are produced as part of the Mandombe project. It was important for us to also favour the classic Kuba art and craft along the script, as they are both vehicle of culture and identity.

Fully bio-organic and handmade in raffia with embroidery, this Kuba cloth has been carefully woven by our female artisans and requires mastery of the Kuba fabric making.

Those cushions are one of the unique objects that are made with the same process as the Kuba tribe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Each design is a personal interpretation of the Kuba culture by the artisans, and therefore is a very unique object, making the junction between tradition and modernity, culture and identity, craft and design.

Our atelier has honed its style to translate from the traditional Kuba textiles craft into a contemporary design language.

Size ø 70 x 60 cm / ø 27.5 x 23.7 inches (with handcrafted variations) 

Hand woven in rafia palm, hand embroiled in Kuba textile

Comes with luxurious feather pad

Made in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.