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We recently met Fatou Ndiaye in La petite Fabrique, a cute little restaurant in the 11th district of Paris. Fatou is a blogger at Moreover, she is also a young woman with an arrogant beauty, an afrohair like Diana Ross and a charisma which does not leave anyone indifferent. She is passionate about life and shares her vision of African fashion, some of her secrets and lifestyle tips with us.

(Itw and pictures by Diane Audrey Ngako

– Where do you live?

Hello, I lived 6 years in the pretty little town, Fresnes located in the Val de Marne in the 94. I have to admit that when we first moved there, I was nervous because this city is famous for its prison in people’s minds.

While it’s a nice little town where life is good, close to the city of Antony, we enjoy great and beautiful parks, and for people like me who are parents, there is nothing better than space and fresh air especially during sunny days away from the Parisian crowd.

– Can you describe your look?

For me, the look of a woman is an extension of her personality, mood and state of mind. We express ourselves through clothing, so as I can not predict my mood in advance, it is the same with my clothes. It’s day to day. It is often a color, a street, an idea, a movie, a song that will inspire me. I would say I have an eclectic look, I love mixing my outfits without being too serous. I especially love the looks of the 80s and vintage.

– Your style icons?

I’m a big fan of Diana Ross, for me it is and will remain an example of chic and elegance. Her style has inspired many women and through time, which is why it is a fashion icon and inspiring reference for me. I loved the style of Bianca Jagger during the great years of the 54 studio and Victoria Beckham Lupita Nyongo’o for chic women’s side, the singer Kelis for her avant-garde and quirky side, Rihanna is a woman of fashion chameleon issue , all is her.

– What makes up your wardrobe?

Like any dressing girls who love fashion, there are a lot of things lol. Mine consists predominantly heathered vintage pieces purchased in Paris, London, Los Angeles and New York. I am a great lover of stores as Zara, H & M or Asos. I love heels, tank tops men loose, high-waisted jeans and dresses.

– Your favorite piece in your wardrobe?

I have 3 !! My black leather biker Zara I have for 6 years now ! This is my favorite piece that ages like a good old wine. My little black dress Sandro who is 5 years old and my high waisted jeans blue Cheap Monday.

– What is your opinion on the creation Made In Africa?

I support 100% and our role is to support them. These designers make the work of craftsmanship and quality at the same securities as those that incenses in Europe. Many people unfortunately do not realize that every piece created and developed by African designers require hard work, time, passion and creativity.

Often on social networks and to my dismay, we see people who say they will go to see their country or fashion designer to copy such as this will cost them less expensive. While these same people are willing to pay huge sums for a piece with European designers. Why not also go to imitate or make the same model with their fashion?

While a designer copy, but the quality will not be the same. Details, fabric, texture, it will require some work. When I see major retailers like Zara and H & M make dresses with wax-like fabrics and sell at prices around 50 euros to see more, and no one is say, or attend to say that it kills opportunity for true small designers, I find this anti productive for African fashion industry.

Fashion was born in the street before being worn by the elite or views of the catwalks. So it’s up to us to promote our African designers to find the place they deserved in our wardrobe.

– What are your creative (include Afro) favorite?

I like Stella Jean, Loza Maleombho, Elie Saab, Manish Arora, Stella McCartney and Yves Saint Laurent.

– Last purchase?

Floral shorts very tall 70 year.

– A perfume?

Modern Muse Estee Lauder

– A place?

The Pershing Hall

– A book?

The Secret rhonda Byrne

– A movie ?

Dirty Dancing

– Your next project?

Mum’s the word lol !! You’ll know very soon, in September, it was with a large group of world-renowned luxury in fashion and beauty. All I can say is that black women will be honored. My summer 2014 will not rest as I work on this event but it is a great challenge for me!

– Headline?

Be yourself, others are already taken.

– Your Addresses ?

I’m have so many to share especially  restaurants,  I share most of them on my instagram account.

– Would you select your 5 favorites pieces from MoonLook shop ? 

1/ A trench by Ajepomaa from Ghana with Angelina fabric revisited 

2/ The amazing leggings by Ajepomaa that I am wearing today

3/ Ajepomaa’s Ofeiba skirt with geometric prints 

4/ Nash Prints it’s  Florence vitrail shirt 

5/ Another Nash Prints it shirt 


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